Selected list of specific services in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering offered by the consultancy.

Electrical Services

  • Incoming Electrical supplies.
  • Electrical Sub – stations
  • Generating Plant Installations.
  • Electrical Distribution Systems.
  • Electrical Lighting and Power Installations including Lighting Fittings.
  • Street Lighting.
  • Lifts, Hoist and Escalators.

  • Telephone Equipment and Distribution Systems.
  • Clock Installations.
  • Public Address, Personnel location and Call Systems.
  • Radio and Television Installations.
  • Central Dictation Systems.
  • Lightning Protection Systems.
  • Electrical Incinerators.
  • Solar Lighting Supply Systems.
  • Specialized Electrical Supply Systems
  • Specialized Electrical Plant and Services.

Mechanical Services

  • Boiler plants and Auxiliary Equipment.
  • Steam Services and Condensate Return Systems
  • Colorifier Plants.
  • Water Treatment Plant and Filtration Systems.
  • Heating Installations.
  • Hot Water Services.
  • Cold Water Services.
  • Fire Protection Systems.
  • Air Compressors and Compressed Air Services.
  • Medical Gas Services.
  • Medical Vacuum Systems.
  • Gas – Installations – Plant, supply and Distribution Systems.
  • Rain water Disposal.
  • Plumbing, Drainage and Sanitary fittings.
  • Air Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation and Extract Plant & System.
  • Refrigeration Plant, Installations, Systems and Cold Stores.
  • Cooling Water Systems.
  • Food Preparation, Cooking, Conveying and Services Equipment (Kitchen Equipment)
  • Laundry Equipment and Services.
  • Sterilizing, Bedpan Washing/ Disposal and C.S.S.D. Equipment.
  • Pneumatic – tube Conveying Systems.
  • Central Vacuum – Cleaning Installations.
  • Refuse Collection and/or Disposal Systems
  • Incinerators.
  • Thermal Insulation.
  • Vibration Control.
  • Acoustical Design and Treatment.
  • Solar Heating Installations.
  • Specialized Mechanical Supply Systems
  • Specialized Mechanical Plant and Services.

Services we offer

  • Electrical lighting and power installations
  • Heating installations and cooling water systems
  • Acoustical design and treatment

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